Frequently Asked Questions

What is KampusSide?

KampusSide is an online system designed for academic institutions, to remove the need of creating a new full web application by any School, college or university to manage and handle their day-to-day academic processes from managing the Noticeboard to Admission & Recruitment Processes. Thus bringing the institutions closer to millions of students and making the each and every process simply easy.

What benefits I get from KampusSide for my institute?

  • No need to re-invent the wheel, in other words no need to creating a new full website for your institute, thus saving your time and money.
  • You can have unlimited "Notifications, Downloads", other features like desk messages, Bus/cab timings, Phone directory, course informations & lot more.
  • choose from hundreds of courses and start admissions right away, no need to worry about subject combinations or anyother course detail upto completion of course.
  • Start, stop admission when you want.
  • Get the student details for a course in a way you want.
  • If your institute is affiliated with Kashmir University the Basic & Promotional RR will be gernerated automatically for you whenever you want for any course of any batch of any semester or year within few seconds.
  • Besides Admission process you can also start recruitment for any post in your institute by using KampusSide Recruitment System.
  • High customization and lot more.

How much KampusSide charges for their services?

  • No StartUp Fee.
  • Enjoy FREE KampusSide subscription for One year.

  • Annual Maintenance Fee (AMC) is just ₹1099/Yr only.
  • Charges will apply as per your no. of selected courses for your institute as :
    (No. of Courses Selected X No. of Months) + AMC per 1st Year.
    Charges for one course for a month is just ₹209 only. You can pay monthly or yearly as per your choice.
Note: If no courses are selected then only single course charges will apply.

How can I create an account for my institute?

Creating an account for your institute is very easy. Click on Create college above, you will be asked for some information regarding your institute like institute name, logo , active email etc then click Create button & you are done. Watch video

How long does approval process take?

Usually after request has been received, the process may take less or upto 12 hours, but may take longer if difficulties were faced while verifying your institute.

How can I know my institute account has been approved?

After verfication about your institute has been done, you will get an email from KampusSide regarding the approval of you account along with your institute control panel login link and other important information.

I cannot find login option or link on KampusSide. Help!

Because of some security reasons we have not provided the direct login link. KampusSide will automatically send you an email, when your institute account will be approved along with your institute control panel login link and other important information.

I cannot login. Help!

If you have forgot your account password then it is very easy to reset password, just click on Quick help above, you will be asked for Registered email (It is the email you have registered with KampusSide) and you will receive an email instantly with password reset link and other necessary informtion.

For anyother help you can mail us at support@kampusside.com or contact us.

What to do if I forgot my institute control panel login link?

You can use Quick help above to get your institute control panel login link instantly in your email (email you have already registered with KampusSide).

For anyother help you can mail us at support@kampusside.com or contact us.

I cannot find courses of my institute. What to do?

Send us course related information like CourseCode, Course full name, SubjectCodes, Subject full name, Subject groups etc for each year/semester and most important university or board with which your institution is affiliated, at support@kampusside.com and we will add it to KampusSide database within 12-24 hours after verification.

Is KampusSide selling my institute data to any third party?

Obviously not! we respect our users privacy and make sure that their data remains secure with us and they can get their data whenever they want.

Can KampusSide employees access my institute data without my knowledge?

KampusSide and their respective officers, employees & agents(relative persons) does not have access to your institute data unless and untill you provide them some information regarding your account like email, password, uniqueId etc at the time of support or help.

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